The Big Clients

So you’re finally a certified public accountant, putting that CPA after your name on your business card and any publication you make can make anyone proud. But now, unless if you plan to get a government job, you should start looking for clients, while most of the time during tax season clients tends to be an easy find, during off season it actually gets harder to find clients to retain you. You might have thought that you would either get a job in a big company or get some millionaire/billionaire to hire you, but now realize that both are actually hard to get.

Small to medium sized companies like a Pest Control Company Lakeville should be your target, as they will constantly need your services with their payrolls, budgeting, and taxes. The key to getting their business is by keeping your retainer at a reasonable amount, remember that your name isn’t exactly known yet, and as impressive as being a CPA is, there are a lot of you out there.

Sometimes the true “Big Clients” is actually a portfolio of several medium sized companies retaining your services. One or two of them might make it to the big leagues, and their owners might become that billionaire client you dreamed of having. If you keep on pursuing a white whale, you will end up becoming like Captain Ahab, instead of doing that cast a big net and slowly build up.