How to Become a Certified Accountant

calculatorA certified accountant are professional individuals who handles tax matters and makes internal and external audits, often times certified accountants are very well paid due to the fact that they handle the records of significantly large amounts of money.  If you would like a career as a certified accountant you will need to prepare yourself as the path to becoming one is rather hard, it is somewhat at the same level of difficulty as becoming a lawyer. You will need to get a bachelor’s degree, do some postsecondary work which have grad-level coursework. The certification requirements differs every state or country, but the basic requirement is pretty much the same. Let’s talk about what is the bear minimum to be qualified to becoming a certified accountant.

1.) Complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting 

To reach your goal of becoming a certified account you will need to finish 150 semester hours of studying. This can be achieved through getting a bachelor’s degree and additional postgrad work. A few schools offers a bachelor and master’s degree combined program that takes about 5 years to complete. These lessons discuss the fundamentals of accounting to more complex topics, aside from the fact that you will need this know-how to function as a proper accountant, certification exams are comprised mostly of these questions along with accounting law.

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2.) Get a Full Graduate Degree

Aside from the required semester hours, getting a graduate degree is not really required. But if you would like to be ahead of most people you should definitely consider getting an MBA or a Masters in Arts of Accounting. The advance topics like financial controls and tax planning are discussed in these degrees which help you in the long run.

3.) Get a Job as an Accountant

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Before you get to take the certification exam, you are required to do at least two years practicing Accounting. You can get a job in either the private or public sector, but it must be in the accounting department, the whole point of working is to get the requirements to take the exam.

4.) Take the Exams

After getting all your requirements you are now able to take the exams. There are a total of 4 exams, everything you learned since starting your journey to becoming a certified accountant will now be tested. Once you complete and pass the first exam you have exactly 18 months to finish the other three, if you complete all 4 and pass you get your certification. I took an exam to get my bail bondsman license  and it was pretty easy to nail.

5.) Back to School

Don’t worry; you don’t have to start all over again. It is required that all CPA or Certified Public Accountants are current with the laws, practices, and ethics of their profession. It is mandatory that every CPA who would like to continue practicing renew their licenses, but this varies from state to state though.

The road to becoming a certified public accountant is a long one, but in the end it is quite rewarding. If you choose to take up a career as a certified accountant, remember that all your hard work is going to pay off in the end.

The Big Clients

So you’re finally a certified public accountant, putting that CPA after your name on your business card and any publication you make can make anyone proud. But now, unless if you plan to get a government job, you should start looking for clients, while most of the time during tax season clients tends to be an easy find, during off season it actually gets harder to find clients to retain you. You might have thought that you would either get a job in a big company or get some millionaire/billionaire to hire you, but now realize that both are actually hard to get.

Small to medium sized companies like a Pest Control Company Lakeville should be your target, as they will constantly need your services with their payrolls, budgeting, and taxes. The key to getting their business is by keeping your retainer at a reasonable amount, remember that your name isn’t exactly known yet, and as impressive as being a CPA is, there are a lot of you out there.

Sometimes the true “Big Clients” is actually a portfolio of several medium sized companies retaining your services. One or two of them might make it to the big leagues, and their owners might become that billionaire client you dreamed of having. If you keep on pursuing a white whale, you will end up becoming like Captain Ahab, instead of doing that cast a big net and slowly build up.

How Portland Businesses Save Through Pest Control

Pest infestation is a major problem of many businesses. It causes a significant amount of damage to your property, raw materials and products. Rats alone cause billions of dollars in property damage that result to increase of unplanned expenses each year. These expenses can be attributed to maintenance repair costs, and costs of replacing damaged goods. Pest problems also affect the employees’ morale.

http://www.bailbondsmanazusa.netAside from this, your company may suffer from irreversible reputational damage that could result in loss of business. In the prevalence of social media, one negative publicity about your business involving pests can quickly affect its reputation. Your company’s reputation is something that you cannot buy. It is built through time and through consistent delivery of excellent product and services. Imagine your company’s well-established reputation ruined by just a small pest dropping in your shop.

I remember an instance in a café that I frequent. I usually do my business meetings there but at time, I was alone crunching some number. As I was enjoying my cup of coffee al fresco, I was terrified to see a little roach crawling. I almost jumped off my seat. I immediately pulled the manager, which happened to be a close friend, and whispered about the critter outside.

I was relieved that he called the nearest pest control Portland OR company. The pest problem has been resolved and his café’s reputation saved. Pest control expert recommended me to get my carpets cleaner regularly to avoid pests.

I have also encountered some businesses in Portland that have an increased maintenance repair cost due to termite infestation. I found out that it was out of sheer neglect. I find it unbelievable that the business administrator did not contract a pest control company in Portland OR. I think they should have at least pest-proofed the building even if they are not using it in the meantime.

So folks, it doesn’t take a genius or an accountant like me to tell you that your business needs pest control protection. There are so many to choose from here in Portland OR so you will not run out of options. Just request for a free quote to have a ballpark figure. I am pretty sure it would be less than the amount you will spend on unplanned repairs or product replacement.

Pest control may seem like an additional expense but it helps a whole lot. It saves you from property damage, spoilage and most of all, embarrassment. You do not have to be a big-shot business to contract a pest control service. Remember that as long as you have a property, you need to think of pest-proofing it.

Before You Go On That Dubai Yachting Vacation

coins-and-financial-recordsVacations can be expensive, and sometimes people think they can afford expensive things when in all actuality they cannot. A friend of mine that had a client like this, on the outside it looks as if he was doing really well, businesses, a good house, and great cars. He had everything a guy could want, though he knew he wasn’t a billionaire, he had no idea that his finances was actually not in a very good state. After my friend found out how bad the situation of his client was he wanted to inform him as soon as possible, but it was a little too late, he had left for an extravagant vacation at Dubai.

Both of us were quite certain that NOT going to that vacation wouldn’t have changed anything as the client was already in a pretty bad situation. Had he consulted his an accountant earlier he would have been in a more salvageable situation, but alas that was not the case. The nail on the coffin that completely made things irreversible were a yacht rental, as in Dubai boat rental is expensive. After not being able to contact the client soon enough, and being notified of the yacht rental, all my friend could do was let his client enjoy his vacation and prepared him for the bad news when he got home. My friend who’s working as an electrician in Columbus said he had great time in Dubai this summer.

Now, there are a lot of details I left out in this story, not to give out too much information about my friend and his client, some of the details are essential to truly understand the situation and how it happened. But what you need to take out from the story is this, when it comes to finances and significant purchases you will need to consult with your accountant, and that you should have an accountant to help you manage your finances. Last month we find out that our carpet cleaning bills are through the roof, so we had to sort it out.

Something that might surprise you is that you could be poor and not know it, simply because you or your accountant is terrible with managing your finances and its documentation. You could even be happily living a very comfortable life that might suddenly collapse anytime. So as soon as you can get your accountant to check out your finances, or if you don’t have one you should find one as soon as possible, before everything is too late, as you could actually be doing well now but is heading into financial ruin, but might still be able to reverse the situation.

If you are somewhat in the lower income bracket you might think that these does not concern you, not at all, I mean you could be poorer than you think. But you could also be richer than you actually are, in one interesting situation, I have read of a homeless man not knowing he was actually rich, though it did involve a rich relative leaving a sum of money, you will never know until you fix your finances and documents.

In the end, before you go Yachting you should really make sure you can afford it firs, and at the same time  even if you are not really that well off, you should get your financial records in order, who knows, you might have always been able to afford Yachting in Dubai.

Fun & Interesting Things To Do in Utah

Bulding in Utah SLCSo you’re thinking of visiting in Utah, I can tell you by experience that you’re on the right to choose the state for a vacation, with so many things to experience and numerous places to visit you can’t go wrong with Utah.  My experience of Utah is an enjoyable one. I went to the state with a friend whose reason for going there is not for the doctors, in Utah tummy tuck surgery is apparently done really well. So while he was leaving a piece of him in Utah, I decided to check out what I can do and take a piece of Utah with me.

I started with something really simple, a drink. I had heard that Utah strict laws regarding alcohol, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover that they have good microbrew beers. I didn’t just go to a convenience store and pick out a six pack, to truly enjoy what Utah offers in beer you must travel, there are several breweries that you should really go to, though I didn’t get to go to all of them. A place I can definitely recommend though is Wasatch Brewery in Park City. You can search craft beers in Utah online and you can see a list of places you should visit, I might one day go to Utah solely to visit every one of them.

While not drinking I took in some of the sites, and there are a lot of them. Since my friend needed time to relax after the surgery I decided to take a tour of Utah, it took about 7 days and countless miles of travel but it was worth it. From St. George to Zion national park, experience the one of the best times of my life. I just choose one on random and didn’t really care where the tour was going so every day was a surprise, It might not be the way for most people to take vacations but this is just the way I roll. One place I loved visiting was this creek with the waterfall, I think it was called Calf Creek. The water was clear and refreshing to swim in, maybe because we had to hike all the way there or maybe the water is just that great.

After the whole tour I decided to get some skiing lessons, I had heard that the state supposedly had the best snow there is or something like that, for me snow is snow. But I can tell you that their Ski resort is just plain beautiful. It was somewhere in Park City, I don’t recall the name but apparently almost all of the resorts there is just heaven to people who loves to ski and snow board.

I know you might think that I am a bad friend for leaving my friend after his surgery, but he needed to relax and I needed to have fun. Utah is not a place you can just sit down and do nothing, you should explore and experience what it has to offer.  Besides, I came back and had a drink with him, he was cool with it… I think.

Importance of a Good Business Plan

must have business planWould you go to an interview without your resume? Of course not! Your resume will tell the company you are applying to who you are and what you can do, your experience and your skills. That is exactly what a business plan is. If you don’t have a good business plan you fail to show your worth and potential to your investors, partners, and yourself.  Having a plan and knowing how to execute it is essential in succeeding in business.

When starting a business you will need people to invest and work with you to make it a reality and hopefully a success, in order to do this you must show them that you have a solid idea of what you want to do and how to do it, This is your Business Plan. Depending on who you plan to share your business with, your business plan will need to contain and explain financial and marketing details.

If you are writing your business plan solely for yourself to keep yourself on track with your sight on your companies goals you will only need to focus on the following:

  • Market Analysis – it is essential that you study the market related to your business, knowing if there is a market for your product and who your direct competitors are will allow you to execute your plans effectively.
  • Strategy and Implementation – Keeping a record of you strategy will motivate you by letting you know that you are still on track.
  • Financial Plan – Keeping track of your finances is imperative to keep your business afloat and out of the red. Some of the bail bondsmen offer affordable surety bonds.

If the Business Plan is to be presented to potential business partners you will need to include the ones for personal use with the following:

  • Product and Services – It is essential that your partners know what you are selling, their confidence in the product must be similar to your confidence in it. If the potential partner lacks faith in your product, it will be difficult to work with them.
  • Management – Knowing who and how the business is being handled is essential for anyone to have faith in a business. One of the biggest reasons for businesses failing is Mismanagement. Having unclear management plans will turn off any potential partners and investors.
  • Company Summary – Knowing what the company is, is self-explanatory.

For Investors, your must have a complete Business plan and give precise details in the following:

  • Executive summary – In Fundamental Analysis in investing, it is important to know how the organization and specific roles are. My friend who works at Blazen Bail Bonds helped to hire an executive at our company.
  • Financial Plan – Yes, I already wrote this. But when looking for investors you must be detailed in this section, 2 pages if possible. Investors are in it for the returns not for the business itself.

If you want to succeed in anything you need to have a plan. A business plan allows you to show how determined and serious you are about your business to your partners,  investors, and most importantly to yourself.