Fun & Interesting Things To Do in Utah

Bulding in Utah SLCSo you’re thinking of visiting in Utah, I can tell you by experience that you’re on the right to choose the state for a vacation, with so many things to experience and numerous places to visit you can’t go wrong with Utah.  My experience of Utah is an enjoyable one. I went to the state with a friend whose reason for going there is not for the doctors, in Utah tummy tuck surgery is apparently done really well. So while he was leaving a piece of him in Utah, I decided to check out what I can do and take a piece of Utah with me.

I started with something really simple, a drink. I had heard that Utah strict laws regarding alcohol, so it was a pleasant surprise to discover that they have good microbrew beers. I didn’t just go to a convenience store and pick out a six pack, to truly enjoy what Utah offers in beer you must travel, there are several breweries that you should really go to, though I didn’t get to go to all of them. A place I can definitely recommend though is Wasatch Brewery in Park City. You can search craft beers in Utah online and you can see a list of places you should visit, I might one day go to Utah solely to visit every one of them.

While not drinking I took in some of the sites, and there are a lot of them. Since my friend needed time to relax after the surgery I decided to take a tour of Utah, it took about 7 days and countless miles of travel but it was worth it. From St. George to Zion national park, experience the one of the best times of my life. I just choose one on random and didn’t really care where the tour was going so every day was a surprise, It might not be the way for most people to take vacations but this is just the way I roll. One place I loved visiting was this creek with the waterfall, I think it was called Calf Creek. The water was clear and refreshing to swim in, maybe because we had to hike all the way there or maybe the water is just that great.

After the whole tour I decided to get some skiing lessons, I had heard that the state supposedly had the best snow there is or something like that, for me snow is snow. But I can tell you that their Ski resort is just plain beautiful. It was somewhere in Park City, I don’t recall the name but apparently almost all of the resorts there is just heaven to people who loves to ski and snow board.

I know you might think that I am a bad friend for leaving my friend after his surgery, but he needed to relax and I needed to have fun. Utah is not a place you can just sit down and do nothing, you should explore and experience what it has to offer.  Besides, I came back and had a drink with him, he was cool with it… I think.