How Portland Businesses Save Through Pest Control

Pest infestation is a major problem of many businesses. It causes a significant amount of damage to your property, raw materials and products. Rats alone cause billions of dollars in property damage that result to increase of unplanned expenses each year. These expenses can be attributed to maintenance repair costs, and costs of replacing damaged goods. Pest problems also affect the employees’ morale.

http://www.bailbondsmanazusa.netAside from this, your company may suffer from irreversible reputational damage that could result in loss of business. In the prevalence of social media, one negative publicity about your business involving pests can quickly affect its reputation. Your company’s reputation is something that you cannot buy. It is built through time and through consistent delivery of excellent product and services. Imagine your company’s well-established reputation ruined by just a small pest dropping in your shop.

I remember an instance in a café that I frequent. I usually do my business meetings there but at time, I was alone crunching some number. As I was enjoying my cup of coffee al fresco, I was terrified to see a little roach crawling. I almost jumped off my seat. I immediately pulled the manager, which happened to be a close friend, and whispered about the critter outside.

I was relieved that he called the nearest pest control Portland OR company. The pest problem has been resolved and his café’s reputation saved. Pest control expert recommended me to get my carpets cleaner regularly to avoid pests.

I have also encountered some businesses in Portland that have an increased maintenance repair cost due to termite infestation. I found out that it was out of sheer neglect. I find it unbelievable that the business administrator did not contract a pest control company in Portland OR. I think they should have at least pest-proofed the building even if they are not using it in the meantime.

So folks, it doesn’t take a genius or an accountant like me to tell you that your business needs pest control protection. There are so many to choose from here in Portland OR so you will not run out of options. Just request for a free quote to have a ballpark figure. I am pretty sure it would be less than the amount you will spend on unplanned repairs or product replacement.

Pest control may seem like an additional expense but it helps a whole lot. It saves you from property damage, spoilage and most of all, embarrassment. You do not have to be a big-shot business to contract a pest control service. Remember that as long as you have a property, you need to think of pest-proofing it.