How to Become a Certified Accountant

calculatorA certified accountant are professional individuals who handles tax matters and makes internal and external audits, often times certified accountants are very well paid due to the fact that they handle the records of significantly large amounts of money.  If you would like a career as a certified accountant you will need to prepare yourself as the path to becoming one is rather hard, it is somewhat at the same level of difficulty as becoming a lawyer. You will need to get a bachelor’s degree, do some postsecondary work which have grad-level coursework. The certification requirements differs every state or country, but the basic requirement is pretty much the same. Let’s talk about what is the bear minimum to be qualified to becoming a certified accountant.

1.) Complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting 

To reach your goal of becoming a certified account you will need to finish 150 semester hours of studying. This can be achieved through getting a bachelor’s degree and additional postgrad work. A few schools offers a bachelor and master’s degree combined program that takes about 5 years to complete. These lessons discuss the fundamentals of accounting to more complex topics, aside from the fact that you will need this know-how to function as a proper accountant, certification exams are comprised mostly of these questions along with accounting law.

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2.) Get a Full Graduate Degree

Aside from the required semester hours, getting a graduate degree is not really required. But if you would like to be ahead of most people you should definitely consider getting an MBA or a Masters in Arts of Accounting. The advance topics like financial controls and tax planning are discussed in these degrees which help you in the long run.

3.) Get a Job as an Accountant

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Before you get to take the certification exam, you are required to do at least two years practicing Accounting. You can get a job in either the private or public sector, but it must be in the accounting department, the whole point of working is to get the requirements to take the exam.

4.) Take the Exams

After getting all your requirements you are now able to take the exams. There are a total of 4 exams, everything you learned since starting your journey to becoming a certified accountant will now be tested. Once you complete and pass the first exam you have exactly 18 months to finish the other three, if you complete all 4 and pass you get your certification. I took an exam to get my bail bondsman license  and it was pretty easy to nail.

5.) Back to School

Don’t worry; you don’t have to start all over again. It is required that all CPA or Certified Public Accountants are current with the laws, practices, and ethics of their profession. It is mandatory that every CPA who would like to continue practicing renew their licenses, but this varies from state to state though.

The road to becoming a certified public accountant is a long one, but in the end it is quite rewarding. If you choose to take up a career as a certified accountant, remember that all your hard work is going to pay off in the end.